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42% Off Your First Month

27% Off Every Month After That!
Offer ends December 5, 2020 at 8:00pm PST. 

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Get 42% off your first month of the Nexus Service (-$1,050)

  • Coaches, Consultants, and Professional Service Providers, this is for YOU.

  • We will get 20-40+ 'ideal client' leads per month for you without spending a dime on ads.

  • This is NOT a coaching program or a course.

  • This is a 100% done-for-you organic lead generation service.

  • Get more clients and grow your biz faster.

  • Get complimentary online sales training and ongoing support. We are here to make sure you succeed!

Grow your business, change your life, get $1,050 off now, then $550 off every month after that.

Let's see if we are the right fit. Book your call NOW to be eligible for this limited deal.

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“A huge thank you Amanda for enabling me to win two £5k contracts within the first month of using your service, which is like a tenfold return, and you are just so great to work with!”

Matthew P. / Business & Executive Coach

"Amanda is a phenomenal professional LinkedIn lead generation expert who is getting impressive results for me. She is a joy to work with in every respect. I am over the moon with her performance and dedication to her craft which I simply do not have time or desire to master. I am slammed all week following up on the numerous high-quality leads she sends me."

David D. / Author, Editor, and Publisher for Spirit-Led Authors

“She delivers exactly what she promises and then some. In just under 2 months, we've added almost 1,500 connections to my LinkedIn and has kept my LI message inbox constantly full. I currently have people booking calls with me 3 weeks out.”

Tony C. / Founder Coach

"After only a few weeks of working together, I have experienced so many great results! I have listed a few examples below:

* My LinkedIn page has been expertly upgraded

* Through the additional resources Amanda offers, I have enhanced my marketing and sales skills as well as developed a rock-solid mindset for helping potential clients say "yes" to investing in themselves.

* I have made countless new connections that are potential clients, both in the very near term and in the future

* I have enrolled 3 new clients in my coaching program

If you would like to significantly improve your ability to reach people, make connections, and enroll new clients, don't hesitate!"

Judy H. / Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant

"Within a few days I had hot leads coming in and this grew to 20-30 per month as promised. The impact on my business was profound. My network grew exponentially and within 3 months more than 30k of business happened and this continues to grow with repeat business from those clients. I also had some incredible opportunities open up which are curating very interesting work in the future."

Polly B. / Mindset & Transformation Coach


Let's see if we are the right fit. Book your call NOW to be eligible for this limited deal.

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