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LinkedIn’s Weekly Limits [SOLVED] for Coaches & Consultants

It’s true - LinkedIn just punched a hole in the ground with its new Weekly Invite Limit.

From 100 Invites per day, to just 100 per week.

Just like that, your leads are reduced by 85%.

Trust me, I know. It’s frustrating, scary, and maybe you’re worried about where your leads will come from now that your #1 b2b lead source is gone.

I have good news though… We actually found a way to get around these Weekly Limits, and actually get even more leads, despite LinkedIn’s update. Keep reading because I will show you step by step how you can do this for your own business!

By using a multi-channel approach, combined with higher quality outreach, our conversions have skyrocketed.

I call it: Achieving Nexus. ;) Here’s how it works:

Achieving Nexus

When you’re doing any type of marketing, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Where does my ‘ideal client’ hang out?”

In other words, you want to use platforms where your ideal client is most reach-able.

Where are they most likely to see your offer and respond? Is it Facebook? LinkedIn? Email? Instagram? Phone? YouTube? TV?

Once you know this, you can start utilizing that platform for your marketing.

Now, chances are if you’re looking for B2B clients, your best bet will be LinkedIn, Email, and Facebook. So I recommend using those 3 channels to start.

Message-Market Resonance

If you’ve already been doing cold outreach, this will be simple for you, because it is not the platform that matters most. What matters most are the principles you use on those platforms which create results. And the good news is, the principles don’t change.

If you haven’t been using organic outreach, you must start with the messaging.

So, the first step is to conduct an analysis of your current/past/future clients. To do this, you must tap into the minds of your perfect buyer. What do they want? How do they describe their current situation, blocks and frustrations? How would they describe what they truly want? Why do they want that?

This will be the fuel you use for your lead generation campaigns.

Once you have defined this, you can craft your messaging. Make sure it clearly communicates your offer and how your offer solves their problem, in a way that grabs their attention and has them saying, “Yes, I’m interested!”

Once you have that, you can put your messaging to the test.

LinkedIn Invites:

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find your audience. Get laser targeted here because you need to use a high quality, personalized approach.

Once you find your target audience, start sending them connection requests. Once they accept, it’s time to test your message by sending it to the people who connect, and gauging their responses.

Since we are using a laser-targeted approach here, you can use specific terms in your messaging which will help grab your audience’s attention. Such as their name, title, business name, industry, etc.

Keep track of everything as you go and you’ll start to notice patterns. Use this information to hone your message so you can increase your conversion rate with time.

LinkedIn InMails:

Once you find a winning message, you can boost your leads even more by utilizing LinkedIn InMails. You get a set amount of InMail credits to use each month. Basically, this allows you to send a special message to people who you are not yet connected with.

The cool thing is, InMails look different in the inbox, so it makes your message really stand out.

You can use the same laser targeting to find your perfect audience with Sales Navigator, then send them your personalized InMail message.

As always, track and improve as you go.

Facebook Outreach:

The Facebook Outreach concept is very similar to the LinkedIn Invites. The main difference is how you actually find your target audience, since Facebook doesn’t have a filtering tool like Sales Nav.

Instead, you need to join relevant facebook groups to find your target audience. For example: If you are a health and wellness coach, join the Beachbody Facebook group. There you will find tons of people trying (and probably failing) to get into better shape.

From there, you can start adding people from that group as friends. Commenting and/or liking a few of their posts helps too.

Then once they accept your friend request, send them your proven offer message!

You will now have two awesome channels for generating leads.

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last...

Video Email Outreach:

This is our secret weapon here at Rush Digital Marketing.

This is a high quality, lower volume technique. It is extremely powerful.

First, you need to find your audience’s email addresses. There are tools you can use, such as LeadGibbon and Neverbounce, which can help you find and verify the email addresses of your target audience.

Once you’ve gathered enough prospects, you will send them an email containing a 1-2 minute personalized video.

In this video, introduce yourself, present your offer, and briefly explain why they should book a call with you.

Track your responses and improve it as you go, and soon your calendar will be booked solid!


By using a multi-channel approach like this, your calendar will be so full that you will likely need to hire someone to help you with the demand. Which, in my opinion, is a great problem to have!

Remember - Marketing principles are timeless! What matters is that you have a message that resonates with your market, and an effective way to get that message in front of them.

To your success!

Amanda Rush | Founder

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