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My LinkedIn Cheatsheet

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering where your next client will come from… I’d put my chips on LinkedIn. 🧐

With over 660 million users (half of them active), you can use it to prospect business opportunities around the globe.

But to do so, you need to have a killer brand!

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a fancy logo or an expensive ad campaign. I’m talking about simple stuff, like:

✅ A professional headshot;

✅ A spot-on headline;

✅ A summary that tells a compelling story;

✅ The perfect banner;

And some other details that I’ll give you for free if you want! 📨

Oh, I almost forgot: you’ll also need a polite-aggressive message.

Wait, you’ve never heard about a polite-aggressive message?

That’s okay, I made it up. 😛

A polite-aggressive message is polite and warm enough to keep people interested without pissing them off (pardon my french), but also aggressive enough to hit their pain points and make them act.

And by act, I mean get on a call with you, so you can work your magic and land paying clients!

If you want to nail your LinkedIn presence, click here for my LinkedIn Cheat Sheet.

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